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personal checking

Earn $1 per month toward optional features for each additional $1,000 average balance in an interest bearing checking account. You can earn $1 per month toward optional features for each additional $500 minimum balance in a non-interest bearing checking account.

For non-checking accounts, you can earn $1 per month credit toward optional features for each $5,000 maintained in a CD, savings, retirement or money market account.

To best suit your banking needs, choose from the following optional features:

Deluxe Checks

• Choose from various costs and styles
• Fee charge to your account
• Catalog prices on check orders

Discount Check Options
• Get Unlimited Deluxe Specialty Grey Checks (if ordered in groups of 200) OR...
• $10 off the catalog price for the checks of your choice
• Fee: $1 per month

Image Statements
• Receive images of your checks with your monthly statement
• Unlimited copies at no charge
• Fee: $1 per month

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
• Coverage split on joint accounts
• $10,000 of coverage for $1 per month
• $20,000 of coverage for $2 per month

Service Package Option
• Free personal money orders, photocopies, fax service and notary service
• Fee: $1 per month

Overdraft Line of Credit
• Qualified borrowers receive a pre-approved limit, with checks approved up to that limit
• No per draw fee
• Low $25 per month payment options on outstanding balances
• Fee: $1 per month

Courtesy Financial Review
• Account reviewed daily
• Checks paid at the discretion of the bank based on deposit history
• Per item charge reduced to $25 with a daily maximum of $75
• Fee: $1 per month

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