Serving the West Salem, Ashland, Marshallville, Rittman and Wooster Communities of North Central Ohio MENU

It's quick and easy to transition your accounts to Farmers State Bank. Our switch kit includes all the necessary instructions and information to help you move your accounts to Farmers State Bank.

Simply download and fill out our switch kit forms (pdf) and follow these steps:

Step 1- Open your new account with Farmers State Bank. After determining the type of accounts that are right for you, stop by any branch to open your new account. Bring one current photo identification and your social security card with you. All signers on the account must be present.

Step 2- Move automated transactions to your new account. Contact businesses with whom you’ve arranged for automatic deposits or withdrawals from your account and give them your new account information. You can contact these businesses by phone or mail them a completed Direct Deposit Form and/or Automatic Payment Request Form from our switch kit. If you receive Social Security, we can assist you in changing it to your new Farmers State Bank account.

Step 3- Close your old account. Please be sure that all checks, Debit and ATM transactions have cleared your old account. Also make sure that all automatic transactions have transitioned to your new Farmers State Bank account. It may take several weeks for this to be processed by the businesses.

Ask your old financial institution to close the account by sending them a letter – letter available here (pdf) – requesting that your old account be closed.

Destroy any left over checks and ATM Debit cards by cutting or shredding. You can even bring them to your branch and we can destroy them for you.