Serving the West Salem, Ashland, Marshallville, Rittman and Wooster Communities of North Central Ohio MENU

Marlene K. Barkheimer, President and CEO invites you to join our family of local shareholders.

We have been providing banking services since 1915 … Your Neighbor. Your Partner. Your Bank.

Over the years, many local families have agreed with the founding principles of Farmers State Bank, and have invested in the parent company by purchasing shares of stock in Community Independent Bancorp, Inc. Through the decades, this ownership has been passed down to their children and other local families.

From time to time, limited shares of Community Independent Bancorp, Inc. stock have become available for purchase and we would like you, our customers, to have an opportunity of ownership. This is the same opportunity and benefits of stock ownership that many community members have enjoyed since 1915.

Investment that Grows*

Well managed community banks provide shareholders year after year a return on their equity. Community Independent Bancorp, Inc. is no different where the stock’s book value and Ask price have consistently and steadily grown providing our shareholders an investment that helps our community grow over the years.

Our board is comprised of local business owners...

When you buy stock in Community Independent Bancorp, Inc., you’re not just investing in a bank. You're supporting our entire community. For every dollar that is invested, approximately ten dollars is returned to the community in the form of loans to small businesses and individuals.

Stock Information (How to Buy):

Contact Jennifer McFarland Community Banc Investments, Inc.

176 Valley View Drive, SE
Newark, OH 43056

by Phone: 800-224-1013
by Email: info@cbibancstocks.com


**Statements made are a reflection of past performance of the bank and bank holding company and should not be considered a projection of future performance. Investments involve varying degrees of risk, including possible loss of principal. Funds held in corporate stock are not considered a deposit of the bank, not guaranteed by the bank, and are not insured by the FDIC or any government agency.*