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Welcome to Farmers State Bank’s Website!

To access the Online Banking site, just enter your user name above to get to the password screen.  If you need any help to log in, just contact us at 1-800-350-2844.

Mobile Banking is now available at your app store. Just search for Farmers State Bank of Ohio to download. Features include Instant Balance which will show you the current balance for up to 6 accounts without needing to log in. Account transfers and mobile deposit are also available. Check it out!

Increased Security Feature Added! Challenge questions provide an extra layer of security to your online banking experience. You will only need to submit and answer these challenge questions once, if you continue to use the same computer and location to access your account. If you log in from a different site or device, you will need to give the correct responses to allow access. You can register as many devices as you use!

Working to keep you and your funds safe and secure!

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